Cork in the spotlight as ‘Kimye’ visit

Hands up…

…who scoffed out loud when they first heard that American rapper Kanye West and his new bride Kim Kardashian (open ANY magazine if you don’t know the name) had come to Cork for the beginning of their honeymoon – having married in a REALLY extravagant and expensive ceremony (apparently) in Italy?

Most folks dismissed the talk  as complete nonsense until more verified sources (local media and respectable types) started hinting that it was more than a possibility, and then finally came the grainy pic of a small, white, posh-looking plane outside the terminal at Cork Airport.

Residents and natives of Cork will list off many reasons why the world’s most famous newly weds should arrive on Leeside (the best pubs in Cork are located right here after all), along with amazing food, live music and the best craic that’s to be had anywhere in Europe (too far??)

So, while many said: ‘Why Cork?’

Corkonians countered: ‘Dead right, like.’

Kanye has a history with our beautiful city, of course, having played Live at the Mardyke twice (2006, 2009), and very quickly a host of lovely blogs, news articles, tweets and Facebook posts about the real capital started to spring up online – along with some terrific examples of Cork humour.

Cork Humour

We also particularly liked this article from the Guardian newspaper, summed up by a very appropriate title!


There’s no doubting the fact that exposure from the story has been a massive and unexpected boost for the region both nationally and internationally, with League of Ireland side Cork City FC even getting in on the act.


At the end of the day, however, Cork’s Heritage Pubs are no strangers to an odd familiar face or two.

One thing we pride ourselves on in Ireland is our ability to leave people alone to enjoy their own time. It’s not unusual for critically-acclaimed writers, musicians, politicians, commentators, and sports stars to be spotted in one of our establishments, and then there was the time that Gordon Sumner (aka Sting) belted out a bar or three in the Sin É last summer.

Take a listen (credit: Eileen Healy)

That night also caught the attention of some, so Kimye, if – by chance – ye’re reading this, call in for a pint of Mi Daza on the house!