Cork Oyster Festival 2019

We are delighted here at Cork Heritage Pubs to once again be involved in this year’s Cork Oyster & Seafood festival celebrating some of the world’s finest ingredients right here on our door step! As part of the festival a number of the Cork Heritage Pubs will be shucking shells and digging in!

Rising Sons Brewery

Calling all adventurous foodies!

We’re gearing up for Cork Oyster Festival at the Risings Sons. Our chefs have been cooking up some mouth-watering specials for you. 👨‍🍳

Available from next Friday!

Try our oysters baked to perfection with a creamy pint of Midaza stout OR our oyster & anchovies pizza

The Old Town Whiskey Bar at Bodega

Here in the Old Town Whiskey bar we pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality ingredients from local producers. When it comes to seafood we’re lucky enough to have access to some of the best in the world right on our doorstep! this weekend we’ll be serving delicious local oysters with a tequila & lime chorizo dressing! the perfect aperitif, might we suggest you pair your oysters with a Power’s Old Fashioned cocktail?

Mutton Lane Inn

In the Mutton Lane Inn – we like to keep things simple! Friday, Saturday & Sunday we’ll be serving complimentary oysters over the bar with lemon juice, hot sauce, and best paired with a pint of delicious Murphys!

Sin é Coburg Street

When you’re jam packed full of oysters why not retire for some of the city’s finest live music? the traditional Irish music session runs 7 nights a week in Sin é