Cork An Underrated City

Cork. We love it, and now the greater wide world is beginning to realise the real potential of our beautiful city!

This is our first Cork Heritage Pubs blog post. We’ll be celebrating and highlighting everything that is great about Cork, the heritage of our wonderful city and county, and talking about what some of the best pubs in Cork have to offer.

As a result, we were delighted to see the highly-respected online news site Huffington Post include Cork in its ‘Overlooked European Cities You Must Visit In Your Lifetime’ , along with exciting destinations like Manchester, Lyon, Genoa and Basel.

Describing locals in Cork as “friendly and welcoming” in a city with “a laid-back vibe”, the article concludes: “The city is also known for its ‘foodie’ restaurants, pubs and live music.”

Now there’s a sentiment we whole-heartedly agree with!

The pubs that form part of the Cork Heritage Pubs group promote only the finest, locally-producing food that this region has to offer.

There’s no better spot to have brunch or enjoy lunch than The Bodega, while the treats that the team at Arthur Maynes are creating will tempt you to return time after time.

We tie the great food in with locally-brewed craft beers, excellent wines that we source from all over the world and then add our unique Cork welcome.

So, whether you prefer a more traditional drinking house where you can have a chat and listen to some live trad music, a heaving club atmosphere or to soak up an electric live music performance , explore Cork’s ‘Must See’ watering holes by following the Cork Heritage Pub trail.

Stay tuned!