Cornmarket Co-op @ St. Peter’s Market

Bodega Restaurant becomes – The Cornmarket Co-Op @ St. Peter’s Market
Since the inception of Rising Sons Brewery in the summer of 2014, we have witnessed the tremendous growth of independent brewing and we now see the same trend developing with food.

Irish tastes are changing, and now more than ever the emphasis on local, organic and authentic offerings are the order of the day.

The growth of beer and food pairings has led to infinite combinations of delicious tastes and flavour that we simply cannot do justice by virtue of one kitchen, one menu alone.

We intend to re-invent the experience as part of our ongoing development of Bodega with our Cornmarket Co-op venture.

The explosion in the last number of years in farmers markets has
given a platform for micro enterprises to develop their products, brands and spread the message of supporting local. We aim to expand that platform further by inviting local producers in to our boutique space, originally built as a market in 1843, to showcase what they have on offer, circumventing the often treacherous minefield of regulation associated with setting up independently.

Our traditional brunch service continues in Arthur Mayne’s & De Calf Cafe

We launched this weekend with the guys from White Rabbit BBQ & Gem Sushi to a rapturous reception

White Rabbit BBQ White Rabbit BBQ

White Rabbit BBQ

GemSushi Gem Sushi

Gem Sushi