Plaudits for the Mutton Lane Inn

WE LOVE TO be nice to everyone, so you know you have to be one of the best pubs in Cork when people consider you to be ‘iconic’ and ‘original’ amongst other lovely things!


‘One of six pubs in Cork city you must drink in before you die’

Those were just some of words used to describe the Mutton Lane Inn recently and we were happy to have the Mutton’s unique, traditional decor, welcoming atmosphere and wonderful staff included amongst the plus points of this unforgettable (yes, we are biased!) drinking spot.

If you have yet to visit Cork, we’re not that hard to find (just off Patrick’s Street), and, in the meantime, you can enjoy our video on the Mutton Lane Inn page on this website. The footage really does reflect who we are: our look is old school and a throwback to yesteryear but that’s also our secret because it’s our customers that make the Mutton what it is.

Surrounded on three sides by the English Market, the Mutton Lane is about having a chat and passionate discussion rather than trying to shout over music or the television in the corner. The pub is one of the oldest in the city centre and is probably best known for the mural that adorns its wall outside the front door.


‘The Pana Shuffle’, which is dedicated to everyone (except George Bush…

If you’re discovering Cork on foot, there’s no finer spot to rest your legs and sample some local brew. There’s a saying around here you know: once you discover the Mutton Lane Inn, nightlife is never the same again!