Beer Blog 2024

2024 is a big year for Rising Sons Brewery, this year we celebrate our tenth birthday. It’s a cliché but it really doesn’t feel like ten years since we opened our doors.

We have some events and beers planned for the year to celebrate and we’ll be announcing them as we go, but I’d like to start off with two changes we’re going to make to our core line up.

We’re going to retire our Belgian style wheat ale and pirate queen, Grainu Ale. Not to disappoint wheat beer fans we will introduce you to our new German influenced Weiss beer. The name is a nod to 80’s New wave/synth legend Anne Lennox, Wheat Dreams, more details about the beer as we get closer to the release date!

When Changeling won best ale up to 5% overall in the 2018 International beer Challenge, we felt our original journey was complete. Now six years later it’s time to go back to the original concept of this beer, we have some changes planned to bring this beer right up to date. Come on this journey with us as we tweak your old favourite in the search for the ultimate Changeling.

On another note, MiDaza was brought back for a spin on the taps before Christmas and has been received really well, so much so that we’re going to go again and extend MiDaza season way past Paddy’s day, just to keep all you stout drinkers happy

We’re so excited to see what will come next!!