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Crane Lane Theatre

Phoenix Street, Cork

(021) 427 8487

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The Crane Lane is a city institution and an exceptionally versatile live music venue in Cork, this Old Lady is housed in a former gentlemen’s club that gained serious notoriety in the 1920s – and probably during every other decade!

Our décor is from the 1920s, 30s and 40s and the Crane was built on the premise that if singer-songwriter Tom Waits was a citizen of Cork, then this is what he would have it look like. Part country pub, part ballroom and part burlesque cabaret, the pub has three bars – one of which is the only late night venue (open until 2am) with a dedicated craft beer bar – as well as Cork’s finest smoking area and Beer Garden, live music and a DJ seven nights a week. What more for a great night out?

However, while The Crane Lane has proved popular amongst locals and out-of-town visitors alike, it has retain its unique charm – think Hunter S. Thompson meets Joyce around midnight. So sit back with a pint from Rising Sons Brewery, and sample the atmosphere of this unique theatre-style venue. Check the Crane Lane Theatre’s Facebook for additional gig and live music details.

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