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. . The Pavilion is back to its former glory, and we can’t wait to raise the curtains and show you what it’s all about! Opening October 2022 . . Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check out our website! . Cork’s finest 900-seat cinema opened March 10th 1921,...

The Black Dog

The Black Dog is back!   Find us on Facebook and Instagram After a long close for renovations, The Black Dog is back rocking and rolling better than ever! A newly designed indoors and exterior, a brand spanking new kitchen and a new speaker system that will blow...


Upstairs at Arthur Mayne's is a small Intimate space in a building that was constructed in 1720. It’s deeds refer to the building as having orchards and a boat house, the River Lee then running down the South Mall and the city yet to grow eastwards. The various owners...

Crane Lane Theatre

Find us on Facebook and Instagram   The Crane Lane is a city institution and an exceptionally versatile live music venue in Cork, this Old Lady is housed in a former gentlemen’s club that gained serious notoriety in the 1920s – and probably during every other...

Rising Sons Brewery

Ireland’s Best Beer Is Made On Cornmarket Street    Find us on Facebook and Instagram   Award winning Rising Sons Brewery is one of Ireland’s finest microbreweries and brew pubs . Housed in the Old Town, in Cork city centre, we are independent and family...

The Vicarstown

Find us on Facebook and Instagram   Old in character but with a modern twist, The Vicarstown Bar follows in the great Irish tradition of pub owners naming their premises after the village or townland that they themselves originated from. Cork has plenty of...

The Old Town Whiskey Bar

Find us on Facebook and Instagram   The Old Town Whiskey Bar at Bodega – the grand dame in Cork’s Old Town. Ireland’s largest whiskey bar housed in one of the countries most beautiful bars. Food served 7 days a week! Enjoy our in-house cocktails from our award...

Arthur Mayne’s

Find us on Facebook and Instagram   Very little has been done to the ground floor of a building that houses Arthur Mayne's, one of the most unusual bars in Cork city. A range of different wines are available from behind the counter, along with a selection of...

Sin É

Find us on Facebook and Instagram   The long-established home of Irish traditional music in Cork city, the Irish words ‘Sin é’ literally translate to mean ‘That’s it’, in reference to the funeral parlour located next door. Sin é is widely viewed as the best...

The Poor Relation

Find us on Facebook and Instagram   Every city has a pub like this with a mix of locals, traders and the workforce from City hall and the various surrounding offices, The Poor Relation houses a full Rising Sons Beer Bar, some of the cities cosiest snugs and a...

The Oval

Find us on Facebook and Instagram   Located on the corner of historic South Main Street and Tuckey Street, The Oval is named for its stunning interior ceiling – a central feature of this particular premises – and is often considered one of the best pubs in Cork....

Mutton Lane Inn

Find us on Facebook and Instagram   A Cork pub much admired, the Mutton Lane Inn is probably one of the oldest drinking establishments in the city outside of the North/ South Main Street axis. Situated off St. Patrick’s Street, Mutton Lane is one of many...

El Fenix

Find us on Facebook   El Fenix, Located in a historic terrace on Union Quay in Cork City, is a must visit for a true heritage pub experience! Perfect for a pint or two of Rising Sons alongside city hall. The perfect spot for sundowners, El Fenix is an intimate...

Arty’s Bar

Find us on Facebook and Instagram   A little taste of Cork Heritage Pubs in Ballincollig, Arty’s bar is located in Barrack Square just off the Main Street of the town. Built on the old Ballincollig barracks, this pub is steeped in a rich Corkonian history....

Brimming full of life, character and history, spending time in the best pubs in Cork is the ideal way of enjoying a few days away from home. Corcaigh was born in the guise of a monastic settlement in the 6th Century before developing into a Viking trading port and vibrant merchant city over time.
A haven for anyone that loves to explore, Cork has a rich cultural history with writers, singers and songwriters roaming her streets to this very day. Sown into this lifestyle are the city’s Heritage Pubs – establishments that you need to enjoy and experience if you’re to truly know the region and its people.



Cork Literature

Cork is a medieval city, one that has seen upheavals, rebellions, famine, prosperity, disenfranchisation, civil war, sporting glory, political intrigues as well as scandal of all kinds. Ghosts, legends (a lot of them still living) and a hive of musical geniuses are found out of proportion to most cities and it has a literary tradition that resounds down through its entire history.

As Cork is so small and walkable, its history is far from abstract. In fact, it’s all around you as you spend time wandering around its streets. You will sense it and live it; you can’t hide from it. The city’s Heritage Pubs are the nerve centres of this history, having been shaped by it, and there are a number of books available that will help you understand the uniqueness of this place and its drinking establishments.

Foremost, for me, are Conal Creedon’s Passion Play and Second City Trilogy. Passion Play, in particular, is based around the author’s own home area of Devonshire Street and its surrounds. I’d suggest getting a copy of this book and reading it in the Sin É, which is just around the corner, or indeed before you visit Cork at all as it really does sum up the dreamy reality that is this neighbourhood – funerals, beer, horses, swans and coffins are not out of place and if you just go with it, you won’t be either.

Second City Trilogy explores universal themes such as resentment, pity, love and hope but in a book that drags you in, puts you in the room and allows you walk the very streets of Cork, you will connect to the very soul of the city. Unfortunately, the play was out of print the last time I looked, but try or contact the author himself.

For all you punks and ska heads out there, Kevin Barry’s ‘City of Bohane’ is set in an Irish city in the future. There is almost a bass line or rhythm coming at you from its pages and it has a collection of characters and egos that, in my opinion, is pure Cork.

I’m convinced this fine city is the book’s inspiration and it will literally plug you into another level. In recent times, you could still visit homes on the northside where the Holy Trinity gazed down on you from the mantlepiece along with JFK, James Connolly and Bob Marley. Read this book and you will unlock another level!

To get an idea where these authors get some of their characters from, go back even further. I recommend the writings of Sean O’Faolain and Frank O’Connor, especially O’Faolain and his short story Up the bare stairs. I see Creedon in him or is it that I just see Cork in both? Indeed, Dublin does not have a total monopoly on James Joyce as his A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’ includes Daedalus having to visit Cork and is a pure example of the mountain not coming to Muhammad…

Last, though not least, if you want to understand the soul of Cork and its people, you must read The Mad Woman of Cork by the great Paddy Galvin (may he Rest In Peace). To help you understand the language and unlock the various levels of Cork slang, look no further than Dowtcha Boy, which is a book by Morty McCarthy.

Order a pint of Mi Daza and you’re off.

Benny McCabe



Cork Dining

For the very best in wholesome traditional food, look no further than The Old Town Whiskey Bar at Bodega delicious food & drink served 7 days a week from the hatch pre-order for click & collect here or pop by the hatch 7 days a week from 10am to 8pm

Rising Sons Brewery & The Old Town Taqueria have joined forcers for level 5 so you can now get award winning beer, fresh pizza, hand crafted cocktails and delicious Mexican meal kits! pre-order here Open Thursday/Friday 3 – 9pm, Saturday 12 – 9pm, Sunday 12 – 6pm

Arthur Mayne serves food, coffee & cocktails from 10am – 8pm 7 days a week, delicious breakfasts options & sandwiches to a feed fit for a king!

The Poor Relation is very proud to bring you “the Cure” bacon sandwiches & Hatch Coffee Co. coffee! delicious sandwiches made to order from 730am – 7pm Tuesday – Saturday & 12noon – 7pm on Sunday, pre-order here

Traditional Irish Music


Traditional Irish Music @ Cork Heritage Pubs

Discover the true meaning of traditional Irish music, here you will find no generic ballads, river dance or leprechaun hats – our musicians uphold the traditions as passed down from generation to generation – as it has been for hundreds of years!. Our sessions are the purest form of unembellished Irish music with various styles from the far reaches of rural Ireland maintaining  the styles played. As we struggled for our place in the world and as our brothers and sisters struggled to find their place in lands abroad, this is their music, this is our music – join us for the real thing.

Real Irish music sessions never take place on a stage (unless there’s a flood!) they congregate in the corner facing each other in a circle as to face the crowd is believed to denigrate the music. The music is more than that so join us and experience they way your ancestors would have listened to it. All visits to Cork for traditional Irish Music have began and ended in Sin é

However, be wary of the traditional music sessions thrown together for the tourists that flock to this great city in the summer. If you want to go where the musicians themselves congregate and where music is played for the love of it, start in the much-admired Sin É.

With live trad 7 nights a week, this house has been hosting music sessions since the early 1970s when the doors of many of the city’s pubs were closed to traditional music. If you see anyone famous, just ignore them (that’s the Cork way and the way they prefer it themselves!)

Rising Sons Brewery Tour


Rising Sons Brewery Tours

Visiting Cork and looking to do something a little different? Book your Brewery Tour and Beer Tasting in advance at or ring 0212414764. €15 per person. Minimum 2 guests and maximum 10

Available at 6pm sharp Tuesday and Thursday. 12pm sharp on Saturday afternoon also.

Why not visit Cork City’s finest, award-winning micro-brewery and let us take you through our history, our beer making process and finally a guided beer tasting of two to three of our beers.

Our tour guides, who are self-confessed beer nerds, will briefly bring you through Ireland’s rich brewing history and explain how our family-owned and independently run brewery fits into Ireland’s current thriving beer scene.

We will introduce you to a simplified science behind making beer and introduce you to each of the different vessels and how they’re used in our custom- built brewery

From the brewery we move to the bar to take you through a guided beer tasting where we introduce you to the Rising Sons’ award-winning brews,and offer you an opportunity to learn a little bit about identifying different beer styles as well as giving you a chance to tell us what you think!

Finally, we round up the tour with a quick Question & Answers session where we’ll do our utmost to answer any questions you’ve ever had about beer, the art of making it and indeed drinking it!

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