Closed for now – back soon, in the mean time we are still here

Dear Friends, we are adhering to the advice to stay home this January, and will be back to you as soon as possible, no doubt better days for all will come, staying open up to now to keep in touch with customers, to have that chat, that bit of a connection with those of us who don’t have the benefit of families or bubbles we view as the very essence of what this pub and its staff and customers are about.

To that end we in all Cork Heritage Pubs want to state that throughout the month of January we are still here for you,If you want to reach out for a chat – we are here, If you need shopping done – we are here, If you need any help with any problem – we are here, Just reach out to us via social media or call one of us and we are here for this is what a public house is all about. We will monitor our social media daily. Throughout the month of February we intend opening a few days a week for face to face socially distanced chats depending on the numbers of course even if there are no take away pints for again this is what we do, a cold pint would certainly not be a top priority in the freezing cold. We just want you to know you won’t be forgotten in these darkest hours before a very definite dawn. It’s hard to live on your own, it’s harder to live in overcrowded accommodation where you just have to get out and it’s hell on earth to be homeless where a smile, a chat and a warm drink give fleeting succour.

Looking to the future when we are all back on our stools and the battle is won there will be a time where a frontline worker will find it hard to put their hand in their pocket as the drinks will be on the rest of us and let’s hope that the laws of street drinking will continue to be enforced long after the emergency.

Much Love,

All the crew at Cork Heritage Pubs