November In A Nutshell!


Christmas is just around the corner and we cannot wait here at Cork Heritage Pubs, it’s the most wonderful time of the year and we want to make the most of it so we’re starting a little bit early in November, here’s a taste of what to except below throughout our venues:


Our National Day:

National Apple Cider Day: November 18th- We will be making hot apple cider from 11-7PM this day!

Keep an eye on our socials for further Thanksgiving specials!

Have a look at our winter warmer menu!!

We will be open every day from 10am with a full breakfast, lunch & dinner menu, Arthur Maynes will also be serving tapas until 1:30AM every night! Don’t forget get your Christmas presents early this year, Arthur Mayne’s gift vouchers will make the perfect gift for a friend and loved one.


Although our winter warmer menu will be slightly reduced to Hot Toddy’s made with Irish Whiskey & Hot Ports made with the finest Cockburn’s ruby port, Crane Lane will be making up for this by providing the best free gigs Cork has to offer this month!! We are the house of blues, jazz & burlesque & so much more this November. We are open late every night with live music every single night!.

Our national day will be national happy hour day on November 12th!!! Get in on, have fun and raise a glass to whatever or whomever you want!!

Here are some of the highlights!!

Thursday 9th 11.30pm: Alliance Promotions Presents: Onion Boys & Crying Looser

Sunday 12th 11.30PM: Two Time Polka

Thursday 23rd 11.30pm: The Tan Jackets

Tuesday 28th 9pm: CSN Live ’n’ gigging 90’s Anthems

11.30pm: Wondersauce

Wednesday 29th:11.30pm Dave Quirke & The High Beams

Check out our monthly listing here!! We also have a new monthly reggae Sunday night!!


We will have the normal steamed Hot Toddy’s & Hot Port’s available all winter long crafted with love by our exquisite staff, make sure to ask them about the extensive whiskey menu available, they will more than happy to assist!! Our live music lineup is ready for November and it’s without a doubt one of our best ones yet, Thursday through to Sunday, the music never stops. We have multiple screens showing all sport so you’ll never miss the match at Canty’s Bar


The Pav & Intermission is ready for the build up for Christmas and we have such an exciting month of November lined-up, we even had a wrestling ring installed for a special event coming later again, check out the socials!! Don’t forget to join us weekly for our club nights.

You have to check out our winter warmer menu as-well, specially curated by our talented mixologist’s who clearly have the taste of.. dare we say CHRISTMAS this year. We are open late every night of the week right here on Careys Lane.


We also have tons of great live music & events to enjoy throughout the month!! November is your time to enjoy, the madness is just around  the corner.


Some of the top events to look forward to is as follows:

Saturday 11th- @9Pm Not Another Disco-

Saturday 18th- @9PM-Not How When!

19th of November- @12PM Bauhaus

Friday 24th- @10PM Electric Dream

Saturday 25th @9PM –SoHo Nights



November is a month for preparing but we can’t forget the biggest event of the month, Thanksgiving is just right around the corner & we want you to celebrate here with us in The Bodega, make sure to ring ahead/ book ahead as we predict this will completely sell out, Join us this thanksgiving for a heartwarming feast filled with delicious food, drink and even better company. We have the menu prepared and now all we need is you!. We also have our Winter menu live on our website, there’s that feeling that Christmas is going to be a big one this year so we’re forever preparing just for you!.


We will have live trad music every night as always all November long, the warm atmosphere inside will have you craving more & more each day. Although we have the finest selection of local beers on tap, you can’t miss out on our winter warmers have, the cold has well and truly set in so why not warm the soul with a Powers Gold Hot Whiskey or a Sandeman Hot Port competitively priced. Looking for a good session, get into Sin E today where the craic never stops!! There is a few surprises incoming, keep your eyes glued to our socials!!


We have a special treat for you, our winter warmer menu is like no other, we love the buildup here and feel theres no better way to celebrate the build up than with the finest winter warmers that the city has to offer!! As always we have live DJs all weekend and will be open late every weekend, Black dog will be selling birra tacos 7 nights a week, our beer garden is heated and extremely winter friendly!!


here at the Rising Sons we are more than ready for the holiday season, we’ve loads in store for you so make to keep an eye on our socials folks!! First of all let’s talk about our national day. On Tuesday the 14th of November, we will be doing a special for National Hot Guacamole Day. There will be nachos with hot guac and a pint of Rising Sons local beer all day long!

We’re delightted to announce our new club night starting on the 21st of November from 7PM-11.30PM. Fightclub Tekken Mixdown is our brand new promotion night, all old school club music played by Corks finest fighters/ DJS, something new & fun for your November. That’s not all though, our Winter Warmers will be our standard Powers Hot Whiskey/ Fine Ruby Hot Port but mulled Apple Cider as-well, we have a heated outdoor seating area for you to enjoy!





Have you seen our November monthly listing? We think this might just be the best month yet.. well maybe until next month, there is a lot of surprises in store for you!! Our national day this month will be national espresso day so you know what means.. COCKTAILS .. On the 23rd if November we will have a special of x2 Espresso Martinis for 20euro, what a deal if we may so ourselves. Our highlight for the month will and always will be the Sunday Jam, all players are welcome to come up onto our lovely stage and jam out with the house, music is everything in The Poor Relation & we love when all the jazz enthusiasts get together and show their talent!! Our hot drinks hatch is back in action, come right up and order straight through the window, please find hot drinks available below.

Baileys Hot Chocolate
Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Orange Hot Chocolate
Hot Port
Hot Whiskey
French Coffee
Irish Coffee
Mulled Wine

The Poor Relation





Join us this November in The Mutton Lane, we are one of the most cosy pubs throughout the trail with tons of seating inside. The staff have been ready to make our wonderful winter warmers all year long, you can even have one early in the morning if you please!! We’re open from 9AM daily so you have no excuse, our warm cosy ambience will envelop you and you’ll find yourself sitting, having a pint and chatting all day long. We’re the home of the best Irish Coffee in Cork City, come in and find out yourself! What’s more…we have a surprise for you incoming, it may or may not have to do with some of the finest Irish Whiskey you have ever tasted, keep an eye on our socials to find out more!








The Oval is an exquisite this time of year. Nestled in the heart of the town, the Oval exudes a festive charm that draws people together this time of year, creating a cozy haven where laughter and camaraderie seamlessly intertwine, making it the perfect gathering spot for seasonal celebrations. With its unique design fostering a sense of unity, the pub becomes a cherished hub where friends and neighbour’s gather, the fire which is a huge selling point will be lit very very soon, we even have a competition running at the moment offering a free bottle of Jameson to whomever guesses the correct date of the first day we will light the fire! There may be another surprise incoming, keep an eye on socials for more….

We like to keep things simple here, hot whiskeys & hot ports all around for everyone.


The best live music venue Ballincollig has to offer, a unique pub with the finest local beer/ wine & spirit collection, check out our monthly listings below!


Another extremely cosy spot right next to the Lee, we have some of the finest selections of local beers, wines & spirits, make sure to pop into us to try one of our amazing hot ports or hot toddys.

Artistic image of El Fenix

Here at Cork Heritage Pubs, we wish you a joyful November and we hope to see you all over the month & over the festive season!!