Cork Jazz Festival 2023! Your Guide To The Best Gigs & The Rugby World Cup

Cork Jazz Festival 2023 is back and we are ready at Cork Heritage Pubs, we cannot wait to celebrate the vibrant and soulful sounds of Cork Jazz with you and all of your loved ones. Whether you are a seasoned Jazz head or simply looking for lively venues to jam out in during the weekend, look no further than the Cork Heritage Pub Trail, there will be local Rising Sons beer, infectious jazz and unforgettable moments.

Check out everything we have on below and keep coming back for new and exciting updates!

Venues & Gigs


The Pav has returned to its architectural roots, now with a twist. Cocktails, DJS and more are all central to our experience. Intermission offers a more relaxed atmosphere perfect for those looking to wind down and listen to some beautiful jazz melodies. Roll on Cork Jazz festival 2023. Here you’ll find the best gigs Cor has to offer!


We encourage you to visit Cork’s most famous late night venue which is the natural home of the jazz, it could have been designed by Tom Waits himself. Have a look at our jam-packed schedule, we’re the house of blues & jazz, we have the best gigs Cork has to offer! Food available until late next door in Arthur Mayne’s. Upstairs Cocktail Bar will be open early, their new menu will have you drooling! Open until 2:30am 7 nights a week! Crane Lane Theatre is the perfect spot to watch all the matches with projectors & multiple screens ready for Cork Jazz Festival 2023.


Bodega is back for Cork Jazz Festival 2023, after some memorable performances last year, we’re looking forward to once again blowing the roof off the place this Jazz Weekend, our lineup is one of the best in the city and cannot wait to share it with you. Food will be available throughout the day. We have new outdoor screens ready for the final stages of Rugby World Cup 2023!. Irelands dream may be over but we wish the very best to all the rest of teams involved!


We are back for our second Jazz, we will be the no.1 spot for Jazz aswell as showcasing all Rugby World Cup 2023 finals! We’ve been working hard all year to ensure we’re ready for Cork Jazz Festival 2023, we have a new upgraded snug area offering a cosy place to enjoy all types of music for the best gigs along with an updated stage area. Situated ideally just off South Mall Finance district.


Far from its name, The Poor Relation’s lineup is one of the best around! Cork Jazz festival 2023 is set to be a big one. Make sure to check out our gorgeous cocktails and impressive selection of spirits, we are now offering Yay! Burger, delicious West Cork Burgers right here on Parnell Place. You can catch some of Corks best gigs here.


The home of traditional music in Cork, Sin E, will become a temporary house of Jazz with a little trad sprinkled in! When better to link the two genres than Cork Jazz Festival 2023. The home of the Corks best trad gigs!.


Two of Cork’s best late night venues are right next door to each other and it’s a match made in heaven for entertainment during Cork Jazz Festival 2023! If you’re feeling peckish you can also grab some delicious authentic Mexican tacos and more from The Black Dog. Kitchen open from 5pm daily. DJs and Jazz all weekend in The Vic. Another exquisite spot to catch the match!


Rising Sons is the place to be if you want to catch up on sport on the big screen during Jazz, or if you simply want a pint of some award winning beer brewed in house! And, its also a great spot for a bite to eat with our gorgeous fresh pizzas, nachos and calzones.. We are the home of your Rugby World Cup 2023, let’s make some memories this Cork Jazz Festival 2023!. We are a local brewery serving all the lovely people in Cork, remember reduce your beer miles, drink local!


We’re bringing the wonders of Jazz to Ballincollig this year! Live music Friday, Saturday and Sunday alongside all the weekend’s sport. One of the best places around for gigs.


The Oval, Mutton Lane, El Fenix will all be showing the Rugby World Cup Final, although there will no bands, there most certainly will be craic, good tunes and of course local Rising Sons Beers.

We assure you there will be fun & memories in any of our venues during the famous #CorkJazzFestival2023, let Mutton Lane be your headquarter to get away from the madness, situated right on Patrick Street, it can be a place to unwind, grab a pint and chill out!